to desire the replica

posted on: October 24th, 2010

There are strange things afoot these days and when there are strange days, what do you do? You figure out a way to deal with it, I guess.You try to figure out what is real and what is make believe and then you throw yourself behind what is real.

When you are faced with challenges I think the biggest determination about who you are as a person can be based on how you deal with those challenges. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a challenge is a deal breaker in a friendship or a working relationship, a marriage or a family, sometimes however, they are not.

Uhmmm. Could I possibly BE more vague? (No, seriously, can I? I’m trying really hard.) Just to be clear- all is well in my world- I love my husband, I love my job (most of the time) and I have a family that I adore. But no matter what you do, every once in a while life throws you a giant curve ball and you have to figure out when to block and when to duck.

Or you’re me and you don’t duck or block. You start trying to get shit done.

Even when it’s scary.

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Jeannie Says:

There is always a new lesson to learn. Buckle down and deal is usually the best way to get through it. Not that I do this, mind you.

Phaedra Says:

I have faith in you, my friend. Whatever it is, you’ll get through, with new knowledge and experience.

Brian Smart Says:

It’s funny at times like that (or these) how the soothing advice of some people just seems to make it worse for me. Not that I don’t appreciate the sentiment, and that I on occasion have not been an annoying “soother” akin to a walking-talking Hallmark card, but I have a few friends who I have had for a long (as in LONG) time that cut to the chase and always put things in perspective for me. It’s when I miss my Grandfather most too. Here’s an example of the “traumatic event” of turning 30:
Granpa: What’s the matter boy-o…not having a good birthday?
me: Nah’s OK…just a little bummed out about turning 30.
Granpa: Bummed out about turning 30? Christ. I turned 30 over 50 years ago so you’ve got nothing to be “bummed out” about. Shut the fuck up and get us both a drink. Jesus.

He always made me feel better…even when he told me to shut the fuck up.

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