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posted on: August 10th, 2010

Remember when this is what Blackberry meant?

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What ARE those things?

Kim Says:

Probably aliens.

It still does to me. I refuse to indulge the smart phone era. :) I want my phone to make and receive calls that’s it. I’d rather have those blackberries. In a giant PIE. You can’t surf the web with them but hell, who cares?

Jeannie Says:


Kim Says:

I refuse on the grounds that my damn phone shouldn’t be more clever than I!

My smart phone is making me write this.

Kim Says:

I wish you had made a spelling mistake- that would have totally made my day.
Stupid smart phones.

Stever Says:

When searching in google, as you start to type out blackberry and only get so far as “black”, the auto-suggest dropdown has blackberry as the #1 suggestion. That means it is the most common phrase searched that includes the word black. The top 10 search results are all about the device, not one about the berry. Even the Wikipedia article is about the RIM devices, not the berries. At the bottom of the top 10 results are 8 more suggested terms. “Blackberry fruit” is last at #8.


oh, lowly little wild black fruits, my favorite of all berries. I wont give in to the bastardization of your name. I’m going android.

But on another note…Go RIM, Go Canada! And don’t let Saudi Arabia get you down. Freedom of information privacy on the interwebs always had a limited shelf life anyways. Sad but true.

Kim Says:

You’re lucky that I love you- I have absolutely no fucking idea what most of that meant.
RIM? Saudi Arabia?
Are you taking me out for a damn burrito tonight or not?

What the hell does it mean now? Am I missing something here?

a name Says:

the first picture i took with my new blackberry was of a carton of blackberries. though right now, i’d say the fruit is more useful to me than the phone, since the goddamn camera broke within 3 months. awesome.

Kim Says:

You’re my kinda people Cooking asshole!

Phaedra Says:

mmmmmblackberry and mango crumble.

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