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posted on: May 16th, 2010

I know that when I woke up yesterday we only had 2 dogs. Yet somehow as of yesterday afternoon, we have 3.

Mini black schnauzers aren’t all that common and everyone in my hood knows we have one due to our multiple daily walks and the fact that Maggi strolls without a leash, knows the “wait” command at street crossings and is just all around fucking adorable. So someone found one a few blocks away and assumed it was ours- given that we weren’t home, my neighbor 2 doors down took it until we got back. Needless to say- it wasn’t Maggi. He’s ancient, very wobbly in the back legs and hips, has obvious cataracts, needs to be carried up and down the stairs but is sweet and friendly and loves a good scratch under the chin. He’s beautifully groomed so I have to assume that he is lost rather than abandoned- despite his obvious medical problems, people who have their dogs professionally groomed don’t strike me as the type to abandon them. I’ve posted fliers everywhere and both Maggi & Lucy are putting up with their new guest quite well but he spends most of the day looking hopefully out the front screen. He clearly just wants to go home. We’ve named him Nigel.

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Batcavebilly Says:

all he needs is a shopping cart infront of him in that pic, he’d be right at home in the back alley………

Jeannie Says:

ahhh. Poor old dude. What about phoning the dog pound. Surely the owners have.

Kim Says:

I’ve called the pound, the spca and the local radio stations and put up a ton of flyers- today I’m having my receptionist call all the groomers & vets in town. He’s so sad….. and WAY too old for the pound or the spca- he wouldn’t last long- so we’ve got our fingers crossed that we find his owners!

Brian Smart Says:

So no ear tattoo or anything? Even if he has one they are nearly impossible to read…especially on an old dog but he does look like a purebred and as you suggested people who spend that kind of money on a dog lots of time go the purebred route.

Kim Says:

no tattoo- will swing him by my vet for a micro chip scan just in case but I can’t see one and usually you can tell if they have them.

Brian Smart Says:

Good idea Kim I wondered about those little rice sized chips (wife tried to have me fitted with one). Vet might also be able to tell about any surgery or other similar type stuff with an x-ray. Good luck: worst thing that can happen is you have a nice little dog…and you might have to spring the $ for a doggie stair-master.

Kim Says:

Never thought of that- should totally get Steve a chip hahahahah

Phaedra Says:

did anyone claim him yet?

Kim Says:

Nope! I can’t believe no one is looking for this little man. He is fucking adorable. We’re looking into a home for him now & I think I’ve found a good one. They will return him to us if it doesn’t work out for any reason. It’s been hard with 3 dogs- especially since both of ours are “special needs” but if he isn’t safe and happy there we’ll find a way to deal with it.

Dusty Says:

Kim, if he has cataracts he might be diabetic. Our 14 year old min poodle gets insulin twice a day and has cataracts, which is common in diabetic dogs.

Just something to check if he starts wobbling around or pees in his sleep and/or the house.

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