to desire the replica

posted on: October 1st, 2010

Time is not “flying by” it’s rocketing at supersonic speed and I have my head out the window like a dog and the wind is so fast that I can barely catch my breath.The days are warm and sunny but the evenings are cool and the leaves seem to have gone from green to gold overnight. In the morning when I walk the dogs everything is covered in a fine layer of dew and I can see my breath.

As of tomorrow I will have been a Mrs. rather than a Miss for an entire month.

One week from today I fly across the country and meet my new in-laws.

When life moves this quickly I always fear that I’m missing something.

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Jeannie Says:

Years have gone by like that for me.

Kim Says:

Uhg! I try not to think about it too much or it freaks me out!

Happy 1 month anniversary! Glad the whole marriage thingy is still working for you. :)

Phaedra Says:

I love how summer is transitioning into fall. it’s my favourite time of year! And I think it’s super rad that you are now a ‘Mrs.’ So grown -up - you’re a big girl now ;)

Stever Says:

Happy 1 month anniversary Mrs. Hatcher :)

Kim Says:

You too, Mr Hatcher.

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