to desire the replica

posted on: August 25th, 2010

Ok, maybe not Guffman, but I am waiting.

“For what?” You ask with baited breath.

“Uhm, sorry. Can’t say.”

I know, I know. That’s kinda mean but I still can’t say so please quit asking me and sending me beer and cigarette bribes. Well, quit the asking at least. Feel free to continue with the rest.

I will be MIA for the next week and then I shall reappear on the scene like a bolt of lightning or a super hero and I will whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

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You dirty teasing whore, Kimmie. :)

Waiting for me to sit at my office computer shirtless? Well, wait no more. What can I say? I’m classy. (It’s so effing hot outside, and I don’t want to sweat through my shirt, so I figured I’d remove it until the sweat evaporates.)

Kim Says:

I fucking love you guys.

Brian Smart Says:

Minnow’s not beating me; I’m not wearing pants.

Jeannie Says:

I never liked Guffman anyway.

Kim Says:

Maybe Jeannie would like Guffman if HE wasn’t wearing any pants! (nice try though Bri!)

I hope whatever it is involves delicious ice cream novelty treats!

kim Says:

I can’t promise ice cream LA.
Novelty treats….. chances are REALLY GOOD.

suz Says:

What on earth could you be up to?
ICE CREAM treats? Nobody told me there would be ice cream treats?
…and why was I not invited? Are you getting another brazillian? Won’t be able to sit for a week? Is that the trouble?

Kim Says:

There will NOT (as you well know) be ice cream treats. There will however be egg mcmuffins.
See you soon!!!!!

suz Says:

Sausage and egg Mc Muffins! Dark coffee and yummyness! Oh! And flip flops! Let’s not foregt the flip flops! Oooooh! Flip flops on the river! Mud glorious Mud!

Kim Says:

Wait!!! NO MUD! yes to everything else but NO MUD!!!!

Dusty Says:

I can’t wait to hear your tales of wonder! ;)

Karen Says:


Phaedra Says:

got sucked into that Scientology retreat did ya. If you see Xenu, tell it I said hi! xo

Kim Says:

hahahahha. You weren’t supposed to tell anyone Phaedra!!!! My and Tom Cruise are hangin’!!!!

Pauline Says:

Ah, the anticipation!! (If I give you fancy high quality beer will you tell me?;))

Karen Says:

Wishing you a glorious, super, fantastic Thursday…..just because.

Brian Smart Says:

OK…been over an f-in week. You are overdue on your promise to unveil that which will strike us all into an awestruck stupor (as opposed to the normal stupors we’re all in).


Julie Says:

Upon your return, don’t forget to collect your award:

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