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posted on: April 30th, 2009

Things to avoid saying/doing if you are sitting in the administrators office while applying for a program in a post secondary institution;

“I don’t really do rules.”

“So if I’d have to put up with the rules, you guys would have to put up with my attitude, right?”

Using my business card as a toothpick during interview.

“Can you deny me entrance or do you have to let me in?”

*removes small tupperware container from pocket with something red in it* “Here! Smell this.”

I have a one way mirror in my office (because I like to spy on people) and there were several staff member faces pressed against it while Mr. McTwitchy crackalicious was in with me. I think they feared a knifing or some such similar carnage. I would finish this post with some witty wrap up but I am far too busy checking that my “application denied” stamp has sufficient ink.

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Dusty Says:

Oooh..the power Chica! Ain’t it great! ;)

Now, that’s funny! Smell this, indeed.

Jeannie Says:

What an idiot.

I’ve had some winning job applicants too.

Brian Smart Says:

Oh the stories I could tell. Like the guy who showed up drunk to his interview. The guy who farted in front of the hiring board was good too. The one young lady I had come in and at the end of the interview tell us that “Well you’d better make up your minds quickly because I have other applications out there you know”.

“Grabbing your boob isn’t sexual harassment, right?”

“Aren’t I fabulous?”

“My office is going to be bigger than this, naturally…”

“Have you head the good word about…”

Desert Rat Says:

And perhaps

“I own a gun” or “I like guns” should also not be something you say while in the application stage.

and not put their feet on your desk while their cleaning their teeth! I’d hope.

f.B Says:

As a toothpick…? Some people have no home-training.

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