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posted on: October 14th, 2009

Between Thanksgiving, a crap load of new freelance projects, one of the dogs puking more than her body weight in the hallway, and life in general, it seems like I have no time. No time to read a book, let alone blogs. No time to write for enjoyment vs. a paycheck.


Is it bad that I’m literally counting down the seconds until I’m off at Christmas for 10 days? Being that it’s only¬† October???? I have purchased a good many Christmas gifts already actually, as I’ve discovered the fun of online shopping. I click a button and people bring me shit!!!! How did it take me so damn long to discover this magic?? I get things delivered to my office and it’s like my birthday everyday. I now understand how they manage to sell all of that craptastic junk on the old shopping channel. (Does that still exist?) Despite my new purchasing pleasure I have thus far refrained from snapping up the incredible topsy turvy tomato plant or the ever popular snuggie. (Now available in fashion colours and snuggies for dogs!) I will tell you right now- my dogs would chew my face off in the middle of the night if I ever seriously even entertained the thought.

So.. In lieu of my regular drivel brilliance, I’m posting a question. (Excellent way to cover up the fact that I have nothing to say while still being able to blather on endlessly. Clever me.)

What are you guys “waiting for?” Got something new in the works? Almost anything will be more exciting than this post. Well, except maybe folding socks or mastering origami.

Actually, that origami shit is harder than it looks.

As you were.

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Brian Smart Says:

I am heading up the Dempster Highway tomorrow night with one of our long-time Conservation Officers to monitor the migration and the subsequent hunt of the Porcupine Caribou herd. If you have not seen the documentary “Being Caribou” have a google and it is on the guys website. Seeing 100,000 caribou up in that country is just about the last opportunity to see a large scale migration unless you go to Africa. Kris, the guy I am going with is our grizzly bear expert and has been on the job for 27 years; 4 days of me just sitting in awe watching the caribou flow past and hanging on every word this guy has to say. Totally like Christmas for me; I have been packed for a week.

Kim Says:

OMG!!! I can’t even imagine how amazing that’s going to be!

Dave Says:

I have nothing as exciting as Brian to look forward to, but I’d like to offer the advice. Be careful online shopping. I found a great deal on Alphasmart Danas on Ebay. A great little tool for writers, so I bought five. My wife said, why five Dave? I said one for me, one for you, one for each of the kids. She said, we only have two kids Dave. The wind kind of came out of my sails then.

Ree Says:

I am waiting, (rather impatiently) for my trip home tomorrow.

Kami Says:

So, Umm, we just a booked a family trip to Italy. How wrong could it possibly go traveling to Europe with a ton of shit and two boys under three years old? hmmm?

Kim Says:

Dave- That’s what I call great shopping!
Ree- Have a kick ass time!!!
Kami- Are you fucking nuts? (ps- I LOVED Italy- have a freaking blast!!!)

f.B Says:

I am waiting for another long weekend; one where I don’t have to leave the house, can make chili, sit on the couch and watch how cold and rainy it is outside.

Kim Says:

Damn you! Now I want chili.
Seriously. Someone bring me some freaking chili NOW!!!!!

Brian Smart Says:

Dave: Nice to know that I am not the only father who sometimes forgets how many kids he has. I also tend to forget how old I am on a regular basis, where I put the car keys, my glasses, etc.

I do make wicked chili though. My son calls in “Dad’s butthole flambe chili”

Karen Moore Says:

I am waiting for Chelsey to come home after a long 6 months….17 sleeps!

Jay Says:

I’m looking forward to next Thursday, when I’ll be hanging with my best friend and drinking Scotch so old, it’s almost of consensual age.

Kim Says:

Jay- saying that is just plain MEAN!

I’m waiting for graduation. And also a job offer, but since those aren’t exactly pouring in, I’ll focus on the first and save myself the depression ;-)

Dusty Says:

I click a button and people bring me shit!!!! The UPS guy is known as Santa Claus at my house..he smiles when I say “Thank you Santa”.

Sadly, we have a very close relationship UPS Santa and I. I love online’s become a disease w/moi. Most companies have free returns so if you don’t like it..fuck it..send it back. I do..believe me I do.

But I do love my RC Wall-E! It drives the cats up the fucking wall. ;)

I am waiting for this year to end, though in no way would I try to rush it.

kim Says:

now that it is 3:43pm on Friday…. I am waiting the weekend (or working for it, according to Loverboy.)

i’m simultaneously waiting for and dreading xmas. cuz i’m all complicated and stuff.

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