to desire the replica

posted on: March 5th, 2011

It’s official gang. We are doomed.

I believe that we are too stupid to continue much longer. My proof of this? There is now a reality show centered around people that blow up balloons and make things out of them.

This is a show. About blowing up balloons.


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Stever Says:

Like Ganhdi said when he was asked what he thought of Western Civilization = it would be a good idea

suz Says:

I have heard that it’s a spin off of Jersey Shore.

kim Says:

OHHHH! So they’re blowing up used condoms?

Julie Says:

I saw a promo the other day for a reality show about the people who bid on items in storage lockers that have been abandoned. Seriously.

Stever Says:

@Julie, you obviously don’t watch enough TV. lol. That show’s been running for months now.

Kim Says:

It all makes my head hurt.

TK Says:

As if we needed further proof! My company published a book by one of the stars of Jersey Shore. There is just too much evidence that most people today are born without brains or taste.

(Hi Kim!!)

Kim Says:

Hi T!!!!!!!!!!

To think, I could’ve just started a show about blowing up balloons instead of drowning myself in student loan debt “chasing the dream”

kim Says:

I know! And if I had boobs and rich parents I could be famous!!!

Stever Says:

Boobs and rich parents alone won’t do it. The extra ingredient required would be a sex tape that somehow “accidentally” went public.

kim Says:

Are you kidding? That’s the only thing I can GUARANTEE!!!!!!

Dan Says:

Apropos nothing else whatsoever, did you know Donald Trump–yes, him–is considering trying for the Repugnant-con presidential nomination?

Yup, we’re finished, and no two ways about it.

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